2021 Barber Motorsports Park MotoAmerica Results



Rennie Scaysbrook | September 17, 2021



Believe it or not Jake Gagné made a mistake in Friday’s Q1 session at Barber Motorsports Park, the Yamaha Fresh N ‘Lean Attack Performance rider crashed out of the session and allowed someone to other to reach the top. In the end, it was Cameron Petersen (M4 ECSTAR Suzuki) who took advantage of Gagné’s mistake to take the provisional pole position in the three HONOS Superbike races this weekend.

Cameron Petersen finished the P1 day, not Jake Gagné!

Petersen’s fastest lap was his last lap, with the South African clocking 1: 23.613 to edge compatriot Mathew Scholtz by 0.567 seconds. Despite falling early in the session, Gagné was still able to get third time – 0.682 seconds slower than Petersen.
Gagné’s teammate Josh Herrin and Scheibe Racing BMW’s Hector Barbera round out the top five on Friday.


New Supersport champion Sean Dylan Kelly took provisional pole position in the category with Florida’s fastest lap clocking 1: 27.271 in Q1 on Friday. This lap put the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki rider 0.607 seconds faster than his rival Richie Escalante and the HONOS HVMC Racing Kawasaki. Landers Racing’s Rocco Landers finished the day third, just 0.057 seconds behind Escalante.

Junior fit

Scott Powersports KTM’s Tyler Scott is set to be crowned SportbikeTrackGear.com Junior Cup champion and he took the first step towards that goal by taking provisional pole. Scott’s fastest lap was 1: 35.553, 0.174 seconds faster than Veloce Racing’s David Kohlstaedt. Scott’s category rival of the season, Benjamin Gloddy, was sixth in Q1.

Stock 1000

With 45 registered in the Stock 1000 category, the sessions were shared with the majority of the fastest riders participating in the Superbike Q1. The best of them ended up being Jake Lewis of Altus Motorsports, ahead of Ashton Yates of Jones Honda and Travis Wyman of Travis Wyman Racing.

Twins cup

Robem Engineering’s Italian import, Tommaso Marcon, was the fastest driver in the Twins Cup in a lightning-shortened Q1 session. Marcon clocked a lap in 1: 30.956 to edge Jackson Blackmon, winner of the day on the track, by 0.095 of a second. New class champion Kaleb De Keyrel finished third.

Superbike Q1

  1. Cameron Petersen (Suzuki) 1: 23.613
  2. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) 1: 24.180
  3. Jake Gagné (Yamaha) 1: 24.295
  4. Josh Herrin (Yamaha) 1: 24,336
  5. Hector Barbera (BMW) 1: 25.140
  6. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) 1: 25.142
  7. Kyle Wyman (Ducati) 1: 25.490
  8. David Anthony (Suzuki) 1: 26.221
  9. Jake Lewis (Suzuki) 1: 26.264
  10. Ashton Yates (Honda) 1: 26.648


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